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Friday, December 31, 2010

Our 20 Appreciations in 2010 and 11 Aspirations for 2011

Growing up in the Philippines, New Year’s Day or eve is not a cliché, it is a great celebration with a bang – the most fun I had, even more than Christmas actually. It’s a symbol of new life- like what God wants us to be “born again”. Jesus answered and said to him, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God (John 3:3).

But living on this world is full of distraction, deceit & discipline-issues me and my family goes through everyday – it is tough to live alone and keep & live an ideal & keep an authentic life without God’s grace.

And so we continue to seek but continue to thank our Father God everyday and every year we publicly sum up our appreciation and aspirations. Me, Myla & Sam’s 20 thank you and 11 wishes for 2011:

Today, I write randomly thank You Lord for 2010 on the following events & grace:

1. Healing my father Carlito for his grave illness – a miracle indeed.
2. Finding a home for my mom Elena and all the hurdles she had and using Barbara to help her move around in Oxnard.
3. A great family time and bonding together with Myla & Sam after my 8 month deployment.
4. Myla for being such a true sport and keeping me grounded and live a healthier lifestyle to organize me and Sam.
5. Sam for excelling in school and sports and growing healthy and who loves God and also keeps both me & Myla live righteously.
6. A visit to Philippines (with Myla) and Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong & Thailand during my deployment helped us renewed our ties, expand our horizon and understand differences.
7. A great and healthy physical body. My blood pressure is lower, daily exercise and maintains the ideal weight.
8. A great church – South Valley Christian who also keep us grounded and worship our Lord with joy and connect with new friends (you know who you are – I think 5 are in my FB network)
9. Settled my Capella Tuition and finish a few courses with a B+
10. Fix all our debts and credits and live a better lifestyle financially through discipline, Dave Ramsey & being thrifty.
11. New Friends
12. Loyal Friends who stood there for us in times of hardship.
13. Hosting BBQ, dinners and party with friends (hopefully I wish at least 1 family shows up in our New Year’s eve party)
14. Monthly road trips around the country, this year from San Diego to Oregon. We enjoyed Oregon the most because we get to connect with our longtime friend.
15. Family, relatives, friends who are doing well in their own physically, mentally and spiritually.
16. Mentors, counselors and pastors who writes and speaks to our heart and mind.
17. Living without a TV Cable. Gadgets could be culprit but in some ways it made us connected (FB), save memories (Canon Rebel) and save us tons of money (Windows Media, Torrent, Roku)
18. USS Nimitz on dry dock means no deployment for another year and so family time would be awesome.
19. Navy Housing was a blessing with all the amenities and utilities, we feel so materially blessed & our best decision – guided by the spirit on where to live.
20. A God who listens every day. A Holy Spirit who guides us every day. A Christ who saved us from our sins.

With all the blessings, what else could we plead and petition for? I know God wants the best for all of us and here are our 11 wishes for 2011:

1. Detach from our gadgets (iPhones, computer) and spend more old fashion social lifestyle.
2. Live a healthier lifestyle and rid of my addiction to rice.
3. Heal our discomfort of burping, blood-pressure & bulging.
4. Bless our family and friends with abundance specially our parents Papa, Mama, Nanay & Tatay.
5. Protect us from the deceit and shallow beauty of evil.
6. Give us more time to travel and more positive adventures.
7. Bless Sam to continue excelling in sports, school & service to God even more.
8. To expand our business MVOSS and gain momentum and real profit.
9. To start again and finish my doctorate with Capella and earn my credentials or certificates.
10. To make the right decision whether to retire from the Navy and get a new vocation.
11. To get promoted to Senior Chief.

By declaring these wishes - we hope that our prayers including our friends' and family's will keep us on check and live in the right direction. But God’s wish for us must still prevail, for He said: He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way (Psalm 25:9). Thank you Lord for an awesome year and may Your will & wishes NOT our will be done.

Our only wish now is that whoever reads this would inspire to thank our Lord and seek Him more in our great wishes. Happy New Year!

Tony, Sam & Myla

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Top 5 Reasons I Chose The Apple (Advice to new Phone buyer)

I go for the underdog and usually want to be different & new and so I picked an Android for my new phone after 3 years on my Sony Ericcson flip phone and Go phone - it's time to go back to "contract" phone.  Chose the Sony Experia Adroid for 10 Reasons:
1.  It is  Google based
2.  I was happy with my old Sony Ericcson Experia
3.  Want to be different from my wife who has an iPhone
4.  Upgradable storage up to 32 gigs.
5.  I'm not stuck on Iphone Apps and you can't Crack an iPhone Apps.
6.  Broader or expansive line up of phones for later choices
7.  I was never a Mac & always a PC
8.  I am not a snub and usually go for underdogs
9.  iPhone versus dozen other phones (Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC - combined forces) 
10. It's $100 cheaper
Ooops let me add 11:  bigger screen (not an iPad size but larger than iPhone for better view) It seems promising at first, then....

I used my wife's iPhone.  I returned the phone for the guaranteed 30 day return policy and switch to an iPhone 4G - here is why and I only have 5  Reasons:

1.    I got over $400 Premium Apps for free.  iPhone gives Apps to try for a day - you just learn to time them and download the FADD, AppBzr and other Apps that keeps an eye for a 24 hour free for a day apps.  I never had this experience on a Droid - most free Apps are junk except those Google based apps.
2.   For 45 days, i did not have any single complain on the phone.  Not even the price.
3.  We wanted to talk face to face via Face Time (exclusive Apple and Skype will not work so well on the other phone) and save calls when on WiFi.
4.  We can all share Apps even on Sam's iTouch.
5.  There is something mysteriously addicting in this phone.

It's still a mystery coming out with 10 Reasons to get an Adroid and only 5 lame Reasons to get an iPhone but  still prefer (after years of resistance that "I will not get an iPhone) recommend and even write a free blog on iPhone without any compensation from Apple.  How lame is that.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

8 Random Thoughts on Work (WORK LIKE ME)

1.  W.ish I have that skill that I do enjoy and still get paid to do it.
2.  O.rganizing my table seems endless task and 5 out of 8 hours are spent organizing my thoughts and my desk.
3.  R.eassuring myself that I do this for a living and not for pleasure makes it a real work.
4.  K.nowledge makes me conversant and able to do some of the task but actually be social and political at work works the same or even more important (yeah politics everywhere) to get that respect and promotion I need.
5.  L.oving my work actually helps the day go by.  I notice that when I don't enjoy 5 minutes of my work adds 5 hours to it. Liking and loving every 5 minutes of it seems no time goes by.
6.  I.rritating people rather than interesting co worker will make me a better person, teaching me patience and learning to like someone unconditionally and makes it a team work.
7.  K.eeping it simple makes it easier for me to get along with everyone.
8.  E.njoy work because we spend more time there  than anywhere else- in case you have a job.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Top 10 Things I Learned About Life from "The Photo Booth"

(Note the photo booths dialog, here are just 4 out of 10 videos)

1.   Enjoy and be vulnerable but watch out for abuse ("Please take off your shirt... oooowi, put your shirt back on")

2.  Don't Be Mean ("Neaner, neaner, neaner... you're not gonna get a photo")

3.  Smile ("I am going to tickle you, kootchi, kootchi koo")

4.  Trust but set boundaries ("Your liquid is affecting my booth")

5.  Don't cheat, you will get caught ("Is your grandma in?")

6.  Somebody's watching you ("Did you comb your hair")

7.  Look your best (you can make stupid faces but let them know that is not you)

8.  Have a sense of humor

9.  Be careful what you say

10.  If it's free and it's good to be true, there must be a catch

(Bonus) Also learned:

1.  Tuck in your cleavage

2.  Don't curse or use "the finger" ("Your son just gave me the finger")

3.  Don't do illegal drugs  ("Detecting marijuana")

4.  Don't play favorites ("Send your other child out and keep your favorite")

5.  It's okey to marry an immigrant (Say "Green Card")

6.  Don't Lie ("Please bring in another person.... You think I am stupid")

7.  Be sensitive ("You are touching my belly button.... please give me a hug")

8.  Love your mom & dad

9.  Don't hit or hurt ("Ouch")

10.  Obey the rules ("I will call the authority")

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top 10 Technology Never Saw It Coming that I (Maybe) Can't Live Without by Tony Astro

Remember e-mail was never heard of 20 years ago and now part of our lives, well here we are 10 years later we have new things our way that either gives us withdrawals when we don't have them.

Here are my 10 technology I never saw it coming 10 years ago that I may not live comfortably without:

1.  iPod Touch - (acquired few months ago for my son)  almost like an iPhone but it is how I connect with email and Facebook when I am outside.  It's actually mainly for entertainment.

2.  Smartphone - (don't have it) but my wife has a 3 year old Nokia that she checks her email, weather or business orders when we are away.

3.  GPS (acquired 2005) .  We won't be able to see the best of America without it from Coast to Coast we see the best of places to see and saves us time and gas money. 

4.  Laptop / Netbook (acquired 2005 & 2009).  Anywhere we go it is a place or connection to the outside world.  College, business and information follows me wherever I go.

5.  Digital camera (acquired DLSR 2006) - living a legacy in terms of moments that my family can remember will be a priceless treasure 20 years from now.
6.  Digital video camera (acquired 2004)
7.  Facebook (member 2008.  My connection to old friends and new ones.  Like something and you get an answer from miles away.  No need for school or family reunion - it's everyday reunion.
8.  Google.  Instant answer to all sort of questions.
9.  Roku & HDTV (acquired 2010).  Free streaming TV and $8.00 Netfllix saves me over $50 in cable bills.
10.Pandora (set up 2009).  The family's favorite exercise is when we turn on the Black Eyed Peas channel.

Runner ups:  
1.  Wii game station (Great family bonding time) and with Homebrew - games are unlimited
2.  Terabyte external hard drive (for those free downloaded HD movies)
3.  iGoogle (organizes my internet files)
4.  8 Gig Thumb Drives (who needs a disc)
5.  Gorilla-pod & wireless remote (without it who can hold or shoot my camera to take a family picture together)
6.  Wireless keyboard and Wireless mouse (my new TV remote to surf You Tube, or TV online)
7.  Battery Charger (why throw away batteries when you can reuse them over and over)
8.  Karaoke Microphone (our home party starter with 10, 000 songs and vocal exercise on the weekend.  Saves a trip to karaoke bar)
9.  DSL and Wireless Network box (how else can I constantly check emails, FB or type this blog anywhere at home)
10.  HDTV Antenna (finally free form Cable bills.  Free TV is good TV)

10.5:  Free movies, software and games via Homebrew, Piratebay & Torrent.  Nothing illegal, just smart way to get the latest by sharing.

10 Tech, 15 Years ago (old school now part of our lives): 
1.  Cell phone (how I courted my wife through texting in Spain to Philippines)
2.  Email (how I send my love letters to my wife)
3.  America Online (how I met my wife)
4.  BBQ Gas Grill (how we bonded as family during the weekend)
5.  P2P or Music Download (how I got rid of CD)
6.  Personal Computer (this box is like the refrigerator or over 30 years ago, something is always cooking:  files, games, music, connection, shopping, everything)
7. Internet Explorer (well it's now Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but this one really takes us to another world...literally)
8. Microsoft Office (believe it or not, I learned grammar through MS Words checker as well as organized all my work.  Excel is the bomb for all my forms, files and organization.  Powerpoint does not only do presentation but collage and making messages look more presentable and high-techie)
9.  Remote Control (TV, camera)
10.  Wireless phone (my initial phone was a pre-paid no contract.  2010, I am back to pre-paid saves me $$$)

Please share your 10 Technologies you can't live without it may save me some time, energy and improve my way of life in a small way or big way.  (Tony Astro, July 22, 2010)