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Monday, April 11, 2011

Top Ten Tech That Taken me over in Two Years Time (What's IN and What's Out to Tony)

Wow, I am back to school again and so my writing brain is pumped again. I started using some gadgets I never used before that I find it more efficient now than before (2 or so years ago) here is 10 of them – so far:
1. Microsoft Office is OUT, Google Documents is IN: I stopped using Microsoft Word in saving my papers and actually to write my paper and I now use the web based Google Documents. I can do and save my homework anywhere I go.

2. Telephone is OUT, Facebook Message is IN: I know phone call and face to face has many advantages but let’s face it, the way we communicate has drastically change but for me even more connected because as soon as you feel like saying something, 300 of my friends already know what, when, how, where and why I live.

3. Email is OUT, Facebook Feeds is IN: Alright now, why would Goldman Sachs would invest billions of dollars on Facebook? They saw that potential that some of us are still struggling to accept the Facebook fact. I remember some folks struggling to use email and would rather type a memo on a typewriting machine. Yes to some FB may be a bad tool, it is how you use it to your advantage.

4. DVD Rental & Purchase is OUT; File sharing via Torrent is IN: Common, it is not stealing, it is sharing. If you have a DVD or music you wanted you download them from those who uploaded them for free. Free is good. It's the E-conomy - get it?
5. PC is OUT; Laptop is IN: Why get a desktop when you can get the same power in a more mobile laptop.

6. Laptop is OUT; iPhone is IN: Well, what is more mobile than a laptop that can do as much: iPhone (I probably disappoint some BB & Droid users but you get my grip).

7. Cable is OUT. Roku / Streaming is IN. Common sense baby, it's the ECONOMY.

8. Video or pocket camera is OUT. iPhone is IN: Not only you can share them right away (that is photos are meant for) but you carry them in most “Kodak” moments.

9. CD listening is OUT; Pandora & Torrent is IN

10. Internet Explorer or Firefox is OUT; Google Chrome is IN: Reading and surfing with a click on an Apps was refreshing and breeze.

Just my 2 cents, you can check it out yourself.
Tony Astro