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Saturday, August 28, 2010

8 Random Thoughts on Work (WORK LIKE ME)

1.  W.ish I have that skill that I do enjoy and still get paid to do it.
2.  O.rganizing my table seems endless task and 5 out of 8 hours are spent organizing my thoughts and my desk.
3.  R.eassuring myself that I do this for a living and not for pleasure makes it a real work.
4.  K.nowledge makes me conversant and able to do some of the task but actually be social and political at work works the same or even more important (yeah politics everywhere) to get that respect and promotion I need.
5.  L.oving my work actually helps the day go by.  I notice that when I don't enjoy 5 minutes of my work adds 5 hours to it. Liking and loving every 5 minutes of it seems no time goes by.
6.  I.rritating people rather than interesting co worker will make me a better person, teaching me patience and learning to like someone unconditionally and makes it a team work.
7.  K.eeping it simple makes it easier for me to get along with everyone.
8.  E.njoy work because we spend more time there  than anywhere else- in case you have a job.