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My 3 Answers in Creating Your Individual Brand

I talked a ton about branding when I started our marketing business 13 years ago, but actually I have worked for close to 20 years helping individuals create their personal brand by establishing their career and attaining their goal as a career counselor and educational services supervisor for veterans and active-duty military members.
Many of us (including myself) feel that we ought to follow other successful people’s “brand” and copying them because we were told by our peers, managers, mentors, parents, friends or supervisors – that “this is how I attained my brand and this is how you do it.” That is not creating your own personal brand but merely emulating someone to be in our ideal self and we often get disappointed.

So what does your image say about you? What do you need it to state? Building an effective individual brand begins with knowing yourself. Here are my 3 answers (in no particular order or it depends on your level how where you are now)how you can upgrade your brand a…

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