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Monday, January 17, 2011

5 Things We Did and 5 Things I Learned from a 5 Day Las Vegas

We recently took a week off for an opportunity to attend a Business Expo in Las Vegas without our son to take advantage of 5 things: couple’s night (a break from kids stuff), get samples or learn new products, network with fellow businessmen and see all the fuss about the “Adult Disneyworld”: Las Vegas. I have so many observations but here is just 5 of my random thoughts about our 5 days there in the city known as "what happens there stays there" - with Blog, Facebook and iPhone, I don't think so.

1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. The best buffet is not in Vegas. We tried 4 of the most popular buffet including the Mandalay Bay for $29.00. On our last day we tried the $19.00 buffet in Todai (with branches around the world) – we were more satisfied. Do your homework and go beyond just reviewing sights, sushi, shows in Vegas but compare it to other cities - you may be better off doing it there. Vegas are all lights but may have no real brights.

2. SELF CONTROL. When something is too good to be true, it’s probably is. Those Time Share salespeople that offer you a free ticket to best show like Lion King are sharks and it was a tough fight. What does a furniture club, RV, Price Club (or Sam’s Club), Vacation Club (also known as Time Share) has in common? – they are all BAD investments or worst deals. Imagine after we attended a time share presentation to get a free show ticket in Vegas for the first time, we were offered a vacation condo that we can own for $42,000 at a $700 monthly for 3 years to pay and 1 week of vacation for $175 on 5 star resorts. For one hour, the investment wisdom - after we do the math - doesn’t make sense. So we went through 3 levels of sales presentation ending up at $4,000 at $200 monthly (imagine how much mark up they have) BUT we stil decline for that vacation home because we thought it is still the worst deal you can make (for those who had, maybe it is more suited for you - good luck). We ended up with just having a free Lion King show and mortgage-free.

3. BE HONEST. You don’t have to keep a secret to stay in Vegas. Take advantage of the “worldly fun” and use it to learn how materialistic we are in terms of classifying what is cool and what is bad and expose them.

4. SEEK GUIDANCE. With so many worldly temptations like gambling, sex, and alcohol around you in Vegas – if you don’t have the guidance of the Holy Spirit – you may be tempted to roll that dice or check out one of those blinking light establishment. We had a sip of Tequila, Bud light & dance our night at LAX and use the $50 cash on a roulette - we have for free from the Time Share but we know we are playing with fire – but we seek and know His presence in our life.

5. PLAN & TAKE ADVANTAGE. I would not go to Vegas unless there is a symposium or EXPO or event because there are some good things here that you want to taste like the best show The Lion King (according to them & honestly I wanted to watch something else more adult but thanks to my wife – she has more self control) - but I would not ever plan of coming back unless I have to.

Like I said on my FB comment:Enjoying the 3 day weekend at home- after 5 day in Vegas, if you ask me, I'd rather be home - the simplest living gives more joy. It's true, the "Best Things" in life are simple & sometimes free. Thank you Lord for the Vegas trip - though we enjoyed some worldly fun we "in joy" more of Your presence in our home.

To rate our stay from 10 (awesome) to 1 (ouch) star we would say it is a 5 star and 10 star for staying home or camping with Sam in the Sequoias.