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Monday, April 6, 2015

Have this and Not That (Part 1): You do not need Toilet Paper, Shredder and Coffee Maker to live

I am a practical person.  I like trying new things that works and pay something that is worth it and not thinking that a company has fooled me into buying things that is not worth the money I invested for from what I eat to what I use or what I watch.

Here are some unconventional items that I think you should consider trying if you what a better deal, more useful, more practical, cheaper or simply a better investment.
Inspired by Eat This Not That, a book I got from a Thrift store for $1 that me and my son enjoyed reading together and started eating healthy, I thought sharing some of my ideas too, that I learned to use to save you some $$, time and have fun.

Have a Bidet and Not a Toilet Paper.
It was not difficult for me to transition since growing up I use water to clean my buttocks.  Toilet paper is essential in every American household but a cleaner butt is even more important.  Yes, I feel more refresh and clean using a bidet than toilet paper.  Do you wipe your dishes after you use them?  Do you wipe your teeth after you eat?  Is your buttocks really cleaned out without water?  Just use that analogy (bums & plate) and you will be convinced.  Water is the best cleaner, not paper.    Besides, you can save hundreds of sheet of paper (and money) by just using water.

Soak the Confidential Paper on Sink and Not Shred Them.
One time, when I’ve had it (yes my patience) with our 3rd shredding machine (the oiling, jamming and loudness), I had an idea while I was working on making a paper-mache as solar system planet for my 10 year old son.  I used my old US Navy confidential documents soaked them on a sink and mulch them until it becomes unreadable.   

I then continued to soak the rest of the papers I do not need overnight at the sink until it is saturated.  I throw this soaked creamy papers (mostly sticking together) in the garbage unrecoverable, unreadable.  Save me many hours shredding.

Have a French Press and Not a Coffee Maker Drip.
When we went to Germany, our host served us daily morning coffee using this percolator.  The taste was amazingly coffee.  There is no need for coffee filter and that all flavors heated saturated in order to maximize the flavor.

For the regular coffee maker (drip as pictured on right of French Press) , when I tried pouring another set of water on the old coffee maker (with paper filter) I noticed that not all flavor of the granules really boiled down to the pot.  For me that is a waste and besides, the inside of where water is being cooked is usually plastic (BPA alert, a major cause of brain illness, Google for the most recent neurological study) before it comes out and water the paper filter before it leaves semi hot to the pot, I don’t necessarily taste the paper but paper collects some of the tiny flavor.
When I found the Kona French Press on Sale at Amazon for $20 (priced at $70), I ordered it right away and wow – big difference on coffee flavor, secondly it does not take up much space even if you count the water percolator or water pot.

These are just 3 of some things that you can try using, doing or buying something else that what everybody else is.  Be free, be practical.  The world has great things to offer and you do not need a fortune to buy them.

If you have something to share that I should be doing, using, buying, thinking, writing & more instead, please share them on my comment section.  (Tony Astro, CMF, Independent Counselor, MVOSS Creation LLC).

Photo Credits by Tony Astro from his Kitchen & Bathroom taken on April 5, 2015 in Virginia, The Beach.