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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

25 Practical Things I Appreciated in America as an Asian Immigrant this Year

In about two months, it will be my silver jubilee in America.

After 25 years as American (my adult life, 4 years of those are divided living in another country with Americans like Japan, Middle East, Europe and some years at sea) and 25 years as Filipino (my innocent and; younger years) I came to really appreciate both culture and both lifestyle.  There are things that I don’t (maybe on another negative blog when I feel like not inspiring anyone) appreciate in both culture but there are so many, in spite of the negative cultural clash happening in both the Philippines (or Asia) and this great country that I love, America –  that is meant to always be great, again and again. A lot of these are very personal and definitely some will cringe and disagree but many have applicable tips that I hope you can use.  Only in America:

1. Comfort and utilities – where else can a get to drink water straight from my tap faucet, take a warm shower, use an automatic garage.   Thanks to Virginia water system.

2. Wi-Fi and Unlimited Data from T-Mobile – I just switched from ATT this year after almost 8 years (before that we were in Verizon) and couldn’t be happier.  Thanks to 8 months of great free streaming that no other services provide.

3. Costco, Apps and memberships – we decided to get back to Costco membership and getting our new S7 (10 months ago) for free paid off our 6 years of annual membership (pretty much) through T-Mobile Costco special deals.  (Tip:  go to Costco for your phone services instead of going directly to stores).  And we got our favorite Yakisoba and other Costco only brands.  I also scored some great deals of office equipment, AudioBooks using Apps like OfferUp, Hoopla, OverDrive, Linda, Amazon Kodi FireTV, etc.

4. Living the beach life – we moved 8 months ago in our new home after 2 years of searching for that perfect home / getaway.  We are here for the long haul.  We know it is senior friendly because my 86 year old mom just “rented” our room downstairs.

5. Almost 28,000 followers combined – It matters because I know I am connected to a wide range of people who are free to agree and disagree with my post but continues to be open with a listening ear, eyes and swipe from their smartphones.  Thank you for listening and responding to our total active combined:

6. Facebook Professional – 2,099 friends.  Thank you for listening and liking.

7. LinkedIn - 4,512 followers / connection.  Thank you for the connecting, comments and congratulations.

8. Facebook Lifewise  - 16, 278 subscribers.  Thank you for liking, sharing and reacting.

9. Facebook Chiefpreneur – with our 635 group members.  Thank you for participating and posting.

10. Facebook Mvoss Creation Page - 1,334 subscribers.  Thank you for sharing the videos and networking.

11. Facebook Tony Astro Pages (Pinoy Puro, Photodea, Daisyland, 💜 FB Page, Photodea) <3 and="" daisyland="" faith="" p="" prayer="">

12. Facebook Mvoss Creation and Tony Astro Family (not counted and personal) – thank you for understanding my creed and criticisms, shallow wisdom and deep thoughts, conceited selfies and self-righteous sermons. 

13. Daily Daisyland – God created so many playground and we happen to live nearby that we get to witness grand and spectacular creations like sunrise at late 732 am, sunsets at almost 9pm.  We are thankful for letting us find this great wonderful location for sunbathing, suncrabbing, sunfishing and SunDaisy (it's an inside term for those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook on Mvoss Dogrunner)
14. Free healthy food – all summer long, there was no week we had no crabs or fish for meal fresh from the best of both world – The Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay.  Living in between this fertile bay and ocean was a true blessing.

15. Free access walk to Cape Henry / Fort Story State Park – a mile run gets us through inside the beautiful park by the ocean.  Thank you for your creation Lord.

16. Sam’s Piano Recital and being selected as Pianist of the Year 2016.

17. Sam’s new piano teacher.

18. Sam being selected on Principal’s List for All Straight “A”.

19. Sam competing for National Cubing competition in Los Angeles in June.

20. Our free round trip flight to California via Patriot Flight in June.

21. My free flight to California to pick up mom via Patriot Space A flight in November.

22. New clients for Mvoss Creation via Business Network International.

23. Back orders from overseas (Naples and Sigonella Italy), Federal and State clients.

24. 10 new Rave reviews on Mvoss Creation Video services and promotional products.

25. Network of new friends and public speaking engagement via Fusion Meet, Trusted Compass, Dale Carnegie, Chiefpreneur, BizConnect.

Well, there is actually more than 25 but because being halfway golden in the US and in my birth country I chose that number.  My family and I still have so many other more personal, simple events and wonderful people I would like to thank like those who helped my transition my mom from California to Virginia, those who helped Myla transition our move to our new home while my father passed away.  Also many other simple changes:  New office address at the heart of Virginia Beach, scoring deals on new purchases and avoiding losses in selling our equipment and tools.

Forgive me for not focusing on thanking people this year but I wanted to reflect and tell my other fellow Americans, fellow immigrant and fellow Filipinos that THERE ARE SO MANY TO BE THANKFUL FOR.  I was really surprise that I can go on and on.  America is great in spite of whom you voted for in this last election and I am very positive that our division will be healed soon.  Our good Lord is great and has chosen so many flawed leaders in the bible that HE alone (yes our God alone) can make him or her great like Abraham (old), Elijah (suicidal), Joseph (abused), Job (bankrupt), Noah (drunkard), Jacob (cheater), David (murderer), Peter (denied Christ), Samson (womanizer).

I hope that I did not sound to be bragging and pompous and don't mean to pontificate but I have SO MANY MORE that I am still STRUGGLING and needs attention for hard prayers.  I just don't need to share the negative in a public way.  But I feel positive in the next 25 days, 25 months of being an American (no dash or a different kind or color of American)

So if you think our new American leader is flawed, Romans 8:28 said:  “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”   So give him a chance to make our World and America even greater again and again.
I hope this inspire you coming from a poor Filipino immigrant who had a history of epilepsy, a failed pastor / chaplain, who lost his two homes and; filed for bankruptcy was able to rise up again and again and come out with more than 25 things to be thankful for.  But again, please don’t feel bad because just like anyone - I have 25 more flaws and problems that I am struggling for and still praying for in the next 25 days.

Thank You Lord and happy thanks.