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Sunday, December 23, 2012

JOY CHRISTMAS: Our Twelve (12) Prayers & Worldly Wishes in 25 Words.

As we celebrate the joy Christmas, we will avoid to make it a cliche by just saying a simple, “we wish you a Merry Christmas” (and whatever spicy words to dress it up).  We want to be MORE specific in what we WISH for US and YOU this Christmas.  May this worldly wishes come through to you & from Tony, Sam & Myla (here at home in Norfolk, Virginia).  Using a random Christmas photos we took from our Facebook timeline here is the J.O.Y. C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S. wishes for you.

  1. Job Excellence - material blessings we need by excelling in our job daily.
  2. Outstanding Network - increase social connection on relationship with others.
  3. Youthful Body -  stronger metabolism through healthy lifestyle & good habits.
  4. Charismatic Presence - be influential and lead many people through our presence.
  5. Happier Family -  keep family together away from sickness and more joy at home.
  6. Radiant Spirit - show the light of God through our presence as role models of society.
  7. Inspiring Thoughts - inspire others through our words in writing and speaking our minds.
  8. Superb Thinking (make our minds alert, focus & always make the right decisions.
  9. Talents Used - focus use our skills and talents to benefit others, ourselves & the society.
  10. More Blessings - material & spiritual gifts that we may use and share as needed.
  11. Active Network - that we may not live on our own sharing our blessing around others.
  12. Serious Christ Relationship - strengthen our relationship with our Savior by developing our habits on quiet time, prayer, relationship with other people  and more reading of His words.