Book Review of Mitch Horowitz: One SImple Idea (History of the Positive Thinking Movement)

Mitch Horowitz was able to reinforce some of the ideas brought about by the sort of books I’ve read growing up:  Positive Thinking/Psychology “feel good”, metaphysical books which he identifies all as “One Simple Idea”.  From the Bible to superficial books (which he thought was not so he brought history and perspective), Positive thinking gurus:  Dale Carnegie to Anthony Robbins, Grow rich guru: Napoleon Hill to Surgeon: Maxwell Maltz to mystic Edgar Cayce (I only mention some of those whose books I actually read).    He wants to point out if these philosophies, new thought, esoteric ideas or metaphysical books or ideas really work (let me see, am I rich yet?  Am I successful & highly evolve yet? Hmmm.)  Since my senior high, these are the only books I read because it’s easy to read than novels or textbooks or science fiction.  It made an impact on me how our thoughts actually influence our present and future but science can’t prove it (he tried on this book) as mentioned on Chapter 8. 

One Simple Idea is organized by era and styles of how these modern belief (back then) of “Nothing is impossible” from Ronald Reagan to Nike’s “Just Do It” – it was tackled with history and convincing background of each authors or founders of this new thought ideas.
Horowitz discusses how prominent writers such as Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Wayne Dyer even born again pastors: Pat Robertson and Robert Schuller of Crystal Cathedral to Psychic Krishnamurti (all I’ve read but necessarily finish all chapters)came up with such semi conclusion or thoughts on how God, mind or thoughts can influence our present and future.

As an avid reader on topics of Christianity, mysticism, business theories, how to succeed in life, Life Hacker topics, I’ve considered this book a pleasure and a balance and easy to read.


  1. POST REVIEW: I've revised and will add on the review: The bottom line and my own conclusion that many of these new thoughts or ideas are all pointing towards an old idea, all taken from the scriptures of the Holy Bible. These books from mystic to psychology just convinced me even more that the Bible is a true message from a Divine.


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