Happy Thanks & Giving: Just Four (4) from so Many of What we are Thankful For

We missed the usual Thanksgiving dinner tradition but we are so thankful for the last 2 dinners & visit & welcome from our old & new friends & family in Norfolk Virginia (you know who you are).  Just to get into the tradition without the bird & the ball, here are 4 things in general that me and my family are thankful for:
1.       Faith – Christ in our life is the air & blood that keeps us going through good times and bad.  Thank you my Father for your forgiveness and saving us.
2.       Family – God does not bless people with things but with His love – in our ups and downs and we see that in having a true loving family.  No matter how we celebrate a holiday as long as we are together with my son Sam & my wife Myla – we feel the blessings.  We are also thankful to our family in Christ who loves us not as much as Christ loved us but enough to know that Christ is within and among us.  Thank you.
3.       Friends – from acquaintances to true friends – you know who you are – we will not mention names but these are the ones who open their home (from Lemoore California to Norfolk Virginia) for us on times of celebration and in times of depression.  Thank you.
4.       Facebook – what I meant is technology.  Thanks for this avenue of connection; we can share the good and the bad in any distance.  Thank you Facebook friends.