Breaking Free Series: 8+ Things that Have Replaced Your Daily Habits.

Addiction, Rude or Just another Transition.

For those who are conservative who thinks they are either addicts, brat or cultureless.  These uber phone users think they are Smart and Technologically Updated.  Who do you think you are?

Who has a his cell phone right now with with their apps on?  When was the last time you have taken a selfie?  Who does not have an Instagram account?  Where did you post your last review on Yelp?  Why do you use your phone more than your computer for email and work?  “Smart Phones” have taken over our world from just 10 years ago.  Right after I finish this speech, about 5,000 have just uploaded videos on YouTube on via Twitter. (Ref:

  1. Facebook replaced Neighborhood.
    1. According to 2nd Quarter Stockholders report of FB, 1.317 Billion people are active Facebook users or 72% of online users read their FB at least once a month. (Ref:
    2. They became our Neighbors, we meet our people through their written communication.  No handshakes just poke, no hugs just emoticons.
    3. Our conservative would say our human communication is dead but those who are transitioning are saying, we are just documenting our thoughts online, we are still communicating.

  2. Instagram took over our Dining Table as part of appetizer and condiments.
    1. Smart Phone users would defend that people just want to appreciate and share their food connoisseur ability and pick the right angle to impress their friends online.
    2. Our conservatives would say, let's give respect at the dinner table, we don't have to brag what we eat.  Hungry people would hate us.
    3.  I would say, we all just need some kind of attention at different level.
  3. Twitter is now our Newspaper.
    1. I first find out about the Ebola virus on a New York Times Twit and an earthquake in California from my friend in San Diego.
    2. Why do we still have Pilot Newspaper in Food Lion selling a subscription for $16.00 a month when you can get the news conveniently from a twit?  For coupons.  But then you can get several apps like Groupon, Zoomzilla, RetailMeNot for those without needing a scissor.

  4. YouTube is now our Television.
    1. My Hulu or Amazon Prime does not show the latest TV series through my antenna if I missed and could not vote for my Americas Got Talent favorite magician.  
    2. So I just search YouTube to catch what I missed and you get more funny clips related to those shows.
    3. I can watch them from my phone sitting on my bed without having to find a remote.
    4. I can even make my own magic trick, upload them online and my family can watch my songs together with those who can really sing - simultaneously.
    5. Our conservative would say there is too many junks on YouTube and those who uses them daily become an expert now that they know how to filter the shows and watch only what they want.
    6. Plus the review of others can tell you if this is suitable or not and you can express your thoughts on what you watch.  Do that on a TV?
  5. Movie Theater is now Amazon Prime or Netflix.
    1. I paid $49 for the year and got all my shipping, unlimited music and watch about 7 movies of premium movie.
    2. Convert that to going to a video store, subscribing to HBO or going to a movie theater would run me 500% much more cost.
    3. This also encourage me to stay home and eat home cook chicken wings and nachos versus $10 popcorn snack in the theater.
    4. Conservative would say, it is the feeling of moving around the theater and seeing the latest in a more comfortable sound and seat.

  6. Our Gym & Sports is now on ESPN App or Running App from your Android.
    1. We join the gym because we want to sweat and get the discipline we need to stay in shape, we use their machine.
    2. We watch our team on the screen so we can cheers for our home team and follow their statistics.
    3. Many have switch to just running around the God given playgrounds all over us, turn on the Runkeeper app and SHealth for the blood pressure then share their accomplishments to their Facebook friend.  Conservative would say they’re complicated but our App User Runner said it can inspire others to run with me and follow me as if we run together.
    4. I still don’t understand the cult behind the passion with certain major league teams, I can understand the college team though.  I played basketball growing up and watch the NBA all my life but I was never attached to any team.  I just say I’m a Chicago Bull fan because I wear that uniform in my league 15 years ago or LA Lakers because I am from California.
  7. Skype, What's App or Facetime have taken over our Phone.
    1. Why do people still have land-line?  Because they like getting telemarketers call.
    2. I subscribe to Skype, Magic Jack and my Family Cell Phone Plan and i get all the communications I need.
    3. The conservative would say landline is reliable and it’s included on my $75.00 Cable bundle plan.
    4. Well I pay my $10 for my TV phone bundle plan.
  8. Phone Apps have taken over my everyday tasks, objects and lifestyle (see other recommendations at the end of this blog)
    1. Audio Books:  Podcast Addict
    2. Bank and Bills:  Mint
    3. Black Friday Sale: Dealnews
    4. Books:  Kindle
    5. Clearance and Deals:  Groupon & Fatfinger
    6. Credit Report:  Credit Karma & Credit Sesame
    7. Direction:  Yelp & Foursquare
    8. Education: Udemy, Quizup
    9. Financial Advisor:  Mint
    10. Games:  Millions to choose from
    11. House Helper and Home Improvement:  Hundred to Choose from
    12. Investigation:  Google, Facebook
    13. Job and Jobs Search:  Glassdoor and Indeed or LinkedIn
    14. Library: Overdrive
    15. Language:  Duolingo
    16. Magazine: Zinio, Flipboard
    17. Map:  Google Map
    18. Navigation:  Waze
    19. Ordering Online:  Amazon, Ebay and other Store Apps.
    20. Pharmacy:  Walgreens
    21. Query:  Quora & Google
    22. Realtor:  Trulia
    23. Receipt: Slice
    24. Recipe:  Epocrates
    25. Secretary:  Siri
    26. Travel Agent:  Trip Advisor, Kayak & Hotel Tonight
    27. Uber:  All the apps
    28. Valet and Parking:  Valet
    29. Weather:  Weather Channel and Weather Bug
    30. Nothing yet for Xray, Yogurt and Zeal
  9. So, are you conservative or innovative?

Here are few screen shots of my phone apps that I use in a regular basis.  From time to time, I try a few other apps to replace to obsolete ones.  Be open to new ones, it gets better every day.

1.  These apps have replace my Database - You don't Need an External Hard Drive.  Transfer your files from one to the next.

Displaying Screenshot_2014-10-06-17-06-55_resized.png

2.  For Social Media.  Use Apps for your regular FB page and use your browsers for a different account.

Displaying Screenshot_2014-10-06-17-06-19_resized.png

3.  For movies, TV, videos:
Displaying Screenshot_2014-10-06-17-06-07_resized.png

4. For shopping deals.  Use these apps (specially Groupon for half off) before you buy that object you thought was the best deal.  Use the review option.  I reviewed one item (Bidet) I bought on Amazon and later they offered me the 2nd unit for free for $80 just for writing a 2 sentence review.  Also if you are a student pay only half on Amazon Prime subscription (normally $100), it pays off just for free streaming movies and free shipping alone.

Displaying Screenshot_2014-10-06-17-05-34_resized.png

5.  Travel Apps will help you get the most of your trips, transportation and lodging.  We love to travel both USA and overseas and we've used this app.  Keep looking out for new apps though.  Rover is for pet owners only.

Here is the rest of the APPS:
Displaying Screenshot_2014-10-06-17-05-25_resized.pngDisplaying Screenshot_2014-10-06-17-05-53_resized.pngDisplaying Screenshot_2014-10-06-17-06-11_resized.png