100 Things (Random) I was Thankful For in 2017

There were so many things we are really thankful for this year.  So hard to remember but then, all i have to do is just look at my Dogrunner Instagram daily feeds at instagram.com/tonyastro/

  1.  Daisyland daily run.
  2. 3 days in Salamanca, Spain.
  3. Sam successful tryout for Great Neck Basketball team last Friday.
  4. Mom moving to John & Joyce’s Compassion Home Residence
  5. Arroz Caldo cooked by Myla in November 10
  6. Swimming in Cagliari, Italy
  7. 10 Year Anniversary of Mvoss Creation Promotional & Consulting (MCPC)
  8. The return of Dogrunner and Branding Random Show (#dbrshow)
  9. Agave Bar’s (Best Nacho of Virginia Beach) Wednesday night  
  10. State Election Day November 7
  11. Facebook On This Day Timeline feeds
  12. BizConnect of Hampton Roads
  13. Day trip to Palma de Mallorca (Port Visit)
  14. Where Were We in  ___? Post from my Amazon Photo cloud
  15. 2 Nights at Nimes, France living in a French apartment with best local host.
  16. Swimming and boating at Praia De Benagil, Portugal
  17. Virginia Beach Minority Business Council Convention
  18. Basketball One on One on October 28
  19. Fort Story State Park
  20. Day 31 in Europe at Savona Itally visiting the “other” Sistine Chapel
  21. Las Ramblas
  22. MonDaisy in Daisyland
  23.  When I cooked fried rice, omelet on October 14 & family liked it.
  24. Today’s pancake
  25. Amazon Prime
  26. My 1994 Instagram total postings.
  27. Our 15 Mvoss Creation IntroVideos
  28. Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce
  29. Our 250 Mvoss Creation PromoVideos 
  30. Our Last Asian Business Association FusionMeet FusionLunch with MengFei
  31. Road Trip to Montreux, Switzerland & experience 2017 Montreux Jazz Festival
  32. The Adventure Park Virginia Beach Networking
  33. Morning random swim at Daisyland
  34. Mom’s 87th Birthday party
  35. Sam’s Straight “A” student
  36. Return to Navy Chief’s initiation in Little Creek
  37. 4 days in Portugal including Lisbon & Algarve
  38. 30 Day European Car Rental from Sevilla Spain for $400 including drop off to Barcelona
  39. Thriller Movies like Nocturnal AnimalsDon’t Breath, Split with Myla
  40. Feel good Movies like Lion, Gifted with Myla
  41. Swimming at the cool Geneva Lake
  42. Discovering Avignon, France (Day Trip)
  43. Women in Defense Networking
  44. Myla’s Palabok
  45. Google Travel Applications
  46. Day R0ad-Trip to Zurich Switzerland
  47. 8 Day European Cruise with Costa del Sol
  48. 3 Day total trip to Marseille France
  49. 4 Day stay on an AirBnB Beach Villa in Barcelona
  50. Chapters 1 & 2 of my Dissertation being Approved.
  51. 3 Day stay in  Salamanca, Spain
  52. Virginia Beach being voted #1 Best Big Cities to Live in
  53. Italian Night (The Dance) onboard Costa Del Sol in Med Cruise
  54. Swimming all at Barceloneta Beach in Spain last summer
  55. Abanico Fans & other European Souvenirs for 5 Euros
  56. Marites my niece for touring as around Switzerland
  57. Returning back to Grace Church & serving as Photographer
  58. Around 100 crabs caught all summer in our backyard
  59. Killing time at Palacio Real de Madrid,  El Corte Ingles
  60. First Stand Up at Cozy’s Comedy Bar in Hampton Virginia
  61. Being part of Asian Festival 2017
  62. 2nd Comedy act at Cinema Café in Greenbrier Chesapeake, VA
  63. Day trip at Montjuic in Spain
  64. BizConnect Networking at Office Furniture
  65. Books completed like Start with Why, Culture Crossing & Innovate You
  66. 2 nights at Zaragoza, Spain
  67. William & Mary University Procurement Business booth
  68. Mvoss Creation Spring 2017 LineUp
  69. Hoopla, One Click, OverDrive, Zinio and other Library audiobooks
  70. CupidBall social video coverage
  71. Sam’s Basketball team winning in February
  72. BizConnect Networking at Skinny Dip
  73. Flu Graduation dinner at Kappo Ramen
  74. Daily Hope with Rick Warren – my daily live devotional
  75. Return to Marseille France after 2 weeks
  76. The 3,000 miles Road Trip one way from Jerez Spain to Geneva Switzerland
  77. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner at auntie’s house in Geneva
  78. The Swan scare with Sam at Lak Leman
  79. Day Trip at Lyon, France
  80. Intermarche and Migros (the alternate to Aldi & Lidl) for groceries in Europe
  81. Sam’s Chorus Band playing at the Sandler Center
  82. Gordon’s Café Machiatto Networking
  83. FusionMeet FusionTalk with Rodica (Romania Experience)
  84. Day #35 in Europe stop in Moscow airport for half day
  85. FusionMeet FusionTalk with Regina (Germany Experience)
  86. WednesDaisy Run
  87. 3 Day in Madrid, Spain
  88. Auntie Lolita’s hosting us in Geneva Switzerland for 6 Days
  89. Karaoke & Pool night at Chromar Apartment in Portugal
  90. Alexa Games family bonding after Dinner
  91. City Bus Tours in Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, Sevilla & Marseille
  92. Midnight ice cream & street strolling in Salamanca plaza for 3 midnight in a row
  93. Keynote speaking at Naval Weapons Station
  94. Birthday Lunch with Sam
  95. Shopping at Lidle & Aldi for daily food while in Europe
  96. Swimming at Poetto Beach, Italy
  97. The Flamenco Dance & Dinner Experience in Madrid
  98. Binging Westword (HBO), Night Manager (Amazon) & Black Mirror (Netflix)
  99. Walking the halls of University of Salamanca is like seeing my alma mater University of Santo Tomas
  100. Best fish (sardines) and Paella in Rota beach, Spain