My 3 Answers in Creating Your Individual Brand

I talked a ton about branding when I started our marketing business 13 years ago, but actually I have worked for close to 20 years helping individuals create their personal brand by establishing their career and attaining their goal as a career counselor and educational services supervisor for veterans and active-duty military members. 

Many of us (including myself) feel that we ought to follow other successful people’s “brand” and copying them because we were told by our peers, managers, mentors, parents, friends or supervisors – that “this is how I attained my brand and this is how you do it.”   That is not creating your own personal brand but merely emulating someone to be in our ideal self and we often get disappointed.

So what does your image say about you? What do you need it to state? Building an effective individual brand begins with knowing yourself. Here are my 3 answers (in no particular order or it depends on your level how where you are now)  how you can upgrade your brand and accomplish your goals.

1. Be identified in something noble but conduct yourself well.

To truly sparkle, you need be sure about what your identity is, the thing that you need, and you have to tackle and construct your abilities and information. The key is to assemble them, however, to end up known for them, in a way that separates you from every other person. It's not merely enough that you comprehend what you know — others need to realize that you know it. This is how you become an influencer and idea chief or a specialist. Also, make sure to be explicit. Don’t be someone who knows everything, you risk being known to no end by any stretch of the imagination. Get clearness, understand and show your niche and unique ability, and after that, you can end up branded for it.

A large number of the things that are basic to building your image are not about learning, they aren't about what you look like, and they aren't about how firm your handshake is. The most important quality you can possess is do you practice what you preach?  So consider things like being caring, being deferential, appearing on schedule, tuning in to other people and not being a tattle. Practices matter — for sure. So center around acing yours.

2. Be real every day.

You have to build up your own image of who you really are. It takes time to know oneself, and this is delayed through many distractions:  opinions of others, how you were brought up, lack of openness, inability to accept challenges.  Review your good and not so good qualities, your preferences, where you sparkle, how you like to dress, and so on. When you strip away the veil, who are you indeed, and how might you appear in a way that enables your actual real self to appear on the other side? That is the substance of your own image -  your brand

If you feel restricted, compelled, and like you simply don't fit with how you are required to appear in your work, at that point, you might be in an inappropriate career or activity. Determine:  what makes you excited and enthusiastic?  Find out, and that will give you a clue.

3. Get a counselor, a coach or a consultant to help you assemble, assess and be accountable to your brand image on the web.  Or at least get a trusted mentor.

You can build your reputation online, but how can you be sure you are doing it right. How you appear online is similarly as significant (or possibly progressively significant nowadays) than how you look face to face. It can truly represent the deciding moment you, as far as others' observation and your notoriety. Try to Google yourself and recognize what is out there on the web when individuals are searching for you, regardless of whether it is a future business, a recruiter, your boss, a customer, or client – these are essential to deal with your image – your brand. Consider your web-based life nearness, your own site or blog, your Social media feeds and comments, how and where you remark on the web.  So a counselor, a mentor at least can help your individual brand regardless and gives you an honest critic or advice or idea how you really appear, how others really see you, what you know and who knows it, and what your online profile says about you. Because of all that, you will have gone far in structure a brand that works for you.

One of the critical parts of our profession or job that truly matters is our own image — which is basically how you present yourself.  As the leader of a company, YOU ARE the brand of that company, you just don’t carry the logo.  Everybody has a particular brand.

Many still think that we have to be someone and somebody we know and don’t bother to create our own brand.  Yes, some of us have brands, but if we follow others, it is either generic or a replica or a copy.  We need to be unique and stand out in our business and career.

Let's Bring our Brand to Life.  Upgrade ourselves.