How to Really Help Veterans (Not with Words nor Handouts) and Why

Helping Veterans

Thank You for Your Service

Every "thank you" we politely give to a veteran is (maybe) sincere and truly from the heart as without our veterans who really served, we have no free country or a free world.  But can we thank our veterans, with not mere words but as easy as learning more about the many resources available to veterans in need and sharing them.  By sharing those, we not can only feel good about it, but we can empower them to move forward. As a former veteran Navy Counselor Chief with over 2 decades of experience, these next series of blog will cover a range of the latest updated topics, from entrepreneurship, benefits, housing and healthcare to education and employment. By the end of this series starting this Veterans Day week, we should have a better understanding of the support available to our veterans and their loved ones.

Why Help a Shipmate / Soldier

As a 23 year Navy veteran myself, I have seen majority of them transition very well and really have a much better life than a few, whom I discovered, does not know the tools and actual assistance they can invest on to continue their talent, skills and gift as a former active duty Guard, Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airmen in the military.  There are many problems that veterans face when they return home from war or deployment. Most of them are highlighted in mainstream media including: - post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) - depression - anxiety - substance abuse - homelessness.  My theory is that most of these sad news not only arise from lack of assistance or past experience but lack of guidance, support group and real useful information.  

These issues can make it very difficult for veterans to transition back into civilian life. Many veterans feel like they do not have anyone to turn to for help. This can lead to further isolation and mental health issues. There are many organizations and programs that are working to help veterans. In the following series or links of these organizations provide support and resources that can help veterans overcome the challenges they are facing.

How to Really Thank a Serviceperson

We can help veterans by giving them the resources they need to succeed. We can also support veteran-owned businesses, which are critical to the success of our economy.

Veterans have made huge sacrifices for our country, and there are many ways we can show our appreciation. One way to show support is to volunteer with organizations that help veterans. This can involve anything from mentoring veterans in their transition to civilian life to helping with home repairs or providing transportation. You can also donate to charities that support veterans, or start your own fundraiser. There are many other ways to show support for veterans. You can write letters of appreciation, or reach out to veterans in your community and offer your help in any way you can. By showing our support, we can let veterans know that we are grateful for their service and that we are here for them.

Then Where & How?

Our hope is that this series of guide will be helpful in understanding the different ways you can help veterans. There are many organizations that support veterans, and we encourage you to explore the options to find the best fit for you. Everyone including another veteran (actually more importantly a fellow veteran who's been there, done that) can provide that empowerment to those who are transitioning.  Commercewise will try our best to provide that through blogs, streaming, workshop, Fusiontalk and Fusionmeets, donations, events and information like this current information and resources from various agencies, organizations and stakeholders..  Thank you for your interest in serving those who have served our country and our world.