Exercising My Right As A Free Man

As a Filipino American, I'm voting for a Democrat or Republican man or woman who believes what I believe that: 

- God exists and not afraid to express it.
- There are only two genders. LGBTQRSTU is a lifestyle, community and a feeling of expression. 
- Fossil fuels are necessary for human progress. Tesla or solar / natural power is an alternative. 
- Treating a specific race unfairly is still racism. It's actually worst. 
- Having no border is the same as having no control over who enters a country. I'm an immigrant and I love them. I encourage everyone in the world to come to America, legally. 
- Parents have the authority to decide how their children are educated. And those who had college loans must not be paid by the taxpayers. 
- The nuclear family is the best way to govern society. Not media nor government. 
- Capitalism helps people escape poverty.
- The U.S. government has three branches, not four. And it's for every American not just those in power. 
- The U.S. Constitution is the most powerful defender of freedoms ever created. Let it continue to be the role model of every kingdom, country or empire. 

Most liberals believes the very opposite because their minds were controlled by media, power, liberal school and government. I would vote for any one who have the strength and courage Democrat or Republican, to fight those for my family I see them with R. Kennedy (Dem), Vivek or Trump or someone who can save America and fight for the freedom or against atrocities of every nation.

Now, it's off my chest. Moving on.