Top 23 Must Watch Streaming by Genre by Tony Astro

I love movies, specially watching with my girl and on streaming, I couldn't get enough, but I'm super picky. This year, so many good ones produce globally with subtitles (Philippines, Germany, France, China, Spain, Mexico, Italy, etc) but most of them are still American movies, here are my choices according to my favorite genre. 
## My Top 23 Binge-Worthy Shows of 2023

2023 was a year of exceptional television, and my streaming queue was always overflowing. To help you navigate the vast landscape of TV shows, I'm sharing my top 23 picks, all of which I rated 8+ out of 10 on IMDB. So grab your snacks, get cozy, and prepare to be entertained!

**Thrillers & Mysteries:**

* **Missing (Hulu):** This gripping miniseries follows the desperate search for a missing girl, leaving you guessing until the very end.
* **Special Ops Lioness (Netflix):** Action and intrigue collide as a female intelligence officer infiltrates a dangerous terrorist organization.
* **Full Circle (Apple TV+):** A captivating mystery unfolds as a missing woman's story intersects with the lives of strangers.
* **Fit Check (Peacock):** A Filipino comedy drama with a business twist about the ups and downs of a creative young woman who won the business fight against an iconic fashion mogul. 
* **Dirty Linen (Amazon Prime):** Secrets, lies, high drama, best acting, best script and betrayal are the ingredients for this addictive wealthy Filipino family thriller, suspense drama set around the mansion and death of the four maids how corruption of the rich and police to cover up the crime. 
* **Stimulant (Prime Video):** A high-concept thriller with a mind-bending premise, this show will leave you questioning reality itself.

**Drama & Suspense:**

* **Reality (Apple TV+):** This thought-provoking drama explores the potential consequences of a world where everyone's memories are recorded and accessible.
* **Citadel (Amazon Freevee):** A global espionage thriller with an interconnected storyline, this show is perfect for fans of action and suspense.
* **Quiz Lady (Hulu):** Based on the true story of a woman who dominated trivia shows, this heartwarming drama is sure to inspire.
* **Diplomat (Paramount+):** A high-stakes political drama set on the international stage, this show offers a realistic glimpse into the world of diplomacy.
* **Pope's Exorcist (Netflix):** This chilling drama delves into the dark side of faith and the battle against evil.

**Comedy & Entertainment:**

* **Mafia Mama (HBO Max):** A heartwarming and hilarious comedy about a woman who inherits her family's mob business.
* **The Portable Door (Apple TV+):** This whimsical and charming fantasy series offers a unique escape into a world of magic and adventure.
* **On A Wing and Prayer (Peacock):** This uplifting comedy follows the journey of a group of misfits who start their own airline.
* **Beef (Netflix):** This quirky and hilarious comedy explores the unlikely friendship between two people who connect after a road rage incident.

**Politics and Business:**

* **Air (Amazon Prime Video):** This powerful and emotional drama tells the true story of the Nike Air Jordan brand.
* **The Power (Netflix):** This thought-provoking drama explores the consequences of a world where women develop the power of electrokinesis.
* **Tetris (Apple TV+):** This inspiring biographical drama tells the story of the creation of the iconic video game Tetris.
* **Rabbit Hole (Paramount+):** This mind-bending mystery thriller will keep you guessing until the very end.

*** Honorable Mentions Stream in 2023 I rated 6-8 out of 10 ***

* Mother
* The Outlaws
* Reality
* Ghosted
* Jury Duty
* M3gan
* The Last of Us
* Painkiller
* 65
* Consultant
* Paradise (Germany) 
* Painkiller

I've included the streaming platform where I watched each show in parentheses. However, availability may vary depending on your location and subscription plan.

Happy streaming!