19 Things we're Thankful in spite of Covid19 Lockdown


Tony Astro
Founder and Senior Consultant at CommerceWise

Here are 19 random things I’m thankful for during the past 19 weeks of lockdown.

1. Able to stay Home more, thanks to lockdown, we spent the most time at home together with family. Not really missing my usual networking business.

2. Food that made me fit and fat, thanks to deals from Costco, commissary, Harris Teeter $5 coupon, pizza special. It became our ritual stocking up unfortunately some unhealthy choices.

3. Plants and shrubs, thanks to a green thumb. Cultivating some plants for pots keeps me relax and home feels like a forest fresh.

4. Organize, thanks to my OCD, I label all shelves, cabinets, even the fridge. Polish every corner of the clean house.

5. Blinkinia Beach, thanks to daily walk in almost perfect weather with my Blinky.

6. Daily Devotional and time with God’s word, thanks to Rick Warren’s daily hope and my enjoyment writing a journal daily with our hundreds of promotional pen collections.

7. Small fellowship with friends, thanks for to my Monday, Thursday’s and Friday study group.

 8. Zoom online meetings, thanks to my Fusionmeet and Toastmaster group on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

9. Myla, my ever-patient lover, we spend the most time together not just binging but sharing home task.

10. Sam for his growing healthy relationship but just with us, his good friends, basketball, school but almighty God.

11. Trump, our president for continuing to fight for our freedom and save America from another evil corrupt administration.

12. Alternative social media, thanks to Bitchute, Parler, Newsmax, we still have access to truth versus the toxic corrupt media.

13. Zoomba, thanks to Prime Video I’m able to stay and healthy working out and enhance my Spanish dance flair.

14. Covideoke, thanks to an avalanche of karaoke music online and HiFi microphone and speakers.

15. Reliable smartphone, internet 5G and camera, thanks to ever-reliable T-Mobile and Samsung after switching from AT&T, iPhone, and Verizon.

16. Home automation thanks to Fios and reliable streaming.

17. Comfort with a4 legged, thanks to Blinky, I have no excuse not to walk or run every day to take a jet around and someone to squeeze and hug when I need one.

18. Convenience and time /gas savings thanks to the great location where everything is walking distance: pharmacy, supermarket, 7-11, pubs, clubs, hotel, church, school, gym, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican restaurant fine and to go dining, hardware, polling station, mechanic, gas stations, banks, etc. 

19. Mama, thanks to Skype and her caregiver and assisted living homes, she’s much healthier now at 90 years old. 

Of course, non of these are possible without my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My relationship with him with my family kept me from being more human making bad decisions. In spite of Covid19, for sure every one of us can find 19 more things and people we can be thankful for in this rough year of 2020.