Helping our Veterans Can Help You and Your Business Too

Not only can we say “Thank You for your service” in a tangible way by giving them something like employment, financial assistance, benefits, gifts, or meals. But how can we really help our veterans as civilians or even as successful veterans? Empower them. 

This will not only fulfil your commitment to serve the community of those who defend and continue to protect our country but also will bring a positive image to your business by sharing your time with our veterans with knowledge if you cannot afford to give them back financially with remaining profit excess or any goods. 

Did you know that many veterans are unaware of the benefits they are entitled to receive? Only 23.4% of all our American veterans and their dependents know about or are currently receiving benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Not only that, but they are also not aware of other benefits from at least twenty-five major government agencies and countless other civilian companies who offer discounts, scholarships, medical, support to our veterans. 

Not only will our veterans benefit from it but your business. Your personal lives can improve by knowing that our veterans (active, retired or discharged) have access to these valuable resources but will also offset some of your expenses such as:  

  1. Educational benefits to enhance their knowledge since only 32.3% of veterans are aware of how to apply for vocational rehabilitation or GI Bill and other veteran scholarships to their children and spouses. 
  2. Healthcare benefits like Tricare or VA since only 42.3% are unaware of healthcare benefits available exclusively to them. 
  3. Life Insurance like Survivor Benefits Plan or Navy League Insurance because only 65.8% of them do not know about their benefits. 
  4. Home Loan Guarantees like VA Loan where they can buy a home without down payment and lower interest rate even zero closing cost. 


These are just 4 of 100s of examples that we can provide to explain to our community to make sure our veterans and their family are getting the benefits they are entitled to receive and make them sure what benefits our veterans, active duty or not, may qualify to receive? If you know a veteran, make sure they are aware that benefits are available. 

Contact me if you want me to provide a presentation of these benefits and knowledge to your company or any of our veterans.



Tony Astro, an entrepreneur, content creator, public speaker and former 23-year Navy Counselor Veteran who has 15 years of experience sharing and empowering active duty and former military personnel with information and recommendations for resources that will empower our veterans.